Beyond the capacities of today's sensored sinks, this robot pours water from the pitcher and hands the towel , while draining the waste water spontaneously.


Al Jazari, the greatest engineer of the 13th Century, was a genius of the universal history of science. Al Jazari, who is an unforgettable scientist with his intellectual acumen, innovations, unique approach to science and engineering philosophy, designed more than 50 mechanical devices, and fabricated these devices to fulfill human needs. His scientific and intellectual heritage is both interesting and attractive to the contemporary world of the 21st Century. He has inspired many eastern and western mechanical engineers with his devices, which are especially focused on using managing time, even after many centuries.

Al-Jazari, who was an Islamic inventor, mechanical engineer and an artist, has lived around 1200 years during the Hasankeyf Artuqid State era. He has produced more than fifty devices and tools for the Artuqid Sultan and explains his designs in detail in his masterpiece, Kitab-ül Hiyel. In this work, we encounter the dazzling, colorful designs of al Jazari’s modest, smiling style, many of which are artworks. Al-Jazari’s technical knowledge contains knowledge far from his age and has inspired the eastern and western engineers that came after him. In this site you can reach the most detailed information and genius about al-Jazari's work and it is intended to reflect our company’s activity areas and their results.

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